Cancer screens and cancer tests are for people wanting a routine cancer check maybe because they have a family history of a particular type of cancer or simply for peace of mind.

As cancer can have many signs or symptoms, we recommend that the tests are carried out in conjunction with one of our health screens such as a Well Person Check, Well Man Check or Well Woman Check.

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This blood test has been designed to aid the identification of cancer in the bloodstream. It is a prevention test, the result of which does not in any way constitute a medical diagnosis and is not a replacement for recognised routine cancer tests such as mammography, colonoscopy / faecal occult blood testing, PAP smear / bimanual pelvic exam, or any physical exam.

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Blood Sample Kit
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Postage & Packaging
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Laboratory Analysis
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Medical Questionnaire
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Interpretation of Results
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Copy of Laboratory Results
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Helpline Card
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Please contact us prior to purchasing this test.
Blood test

6   working days after receipt of sample.


S100 Malignant Melanoma