Private Blood Tests and Health Checks in Solihull

Medichecks have over 800 clinics around the UK, including clinics in Solihull, where you can go to have a private blood test or a blood sample taken by a medical professional.

How can I get a private blood test or health check in Solihull?

Step 1

Order Online

Select from over 1000 blood tests, urine tests and other pathology tests available in Solihull. Order securley and discreetly online or call Medichecks on 03450 600 600.

Step 2

Take Samples

Medichecks send you a Home-to-Lab sample collection kit or refer you to a clinic in Solihull to have a blood sample taken.

Step 3

Post Samples

Send your blood test or urine test samples to a private, fully accreditted, London pathology laboratory for analysis in the pre-paid envelope.

Step 4

Get Results

Many blood test results are often available the next working day. Medichecks notify you once your results have been uploaded onto their secure server.

Access over 1,200 private laboratory blood tests, urine tests, health checks and medical assessments in Solihull. All of our private blood tests, urine tests and health checks are available at local clinics in Solihull.

Blood Tests in Solihull

Types of private blood tests available to you in Solihull include:

  • Allergy blood tests
  • Biochemistry blood tests
  • Cytology Histology blood tests
  • Endocrinology blood tests
  • Genetic blood tests
  • Haematology blood tests
  • Health Screen blood tests
  • Immunology blood tests
  • In-Vivo blood tests
  • Microbiology blood tests
  • Nutritional Vitamin blood tests
  • Occupational Health blood tests
  • Therapeutic Drug Assays blood tests
  • Tropical Immunology blood tests
  • Tumour Markers blood tests
  • Virology blood tests
Health Checks in Solihull

Health screening packages available to you in Solihull include:

  • Allergy tests
  • Anti-Ageing tests
  • B12 and Pernicious Anaemia tests
  • Bowel Health tests
  • Cancer tests
  • Diabetes tests
  • Drug and Alcohol tests
  • Essential Health tests
  • Fatigue tests
  • Food Intolerance tests
  • Health Checks
  • Heart Disease tests
  • Heavy Metals tests
  • HIV Tests tests
  • Hormones tests
  • Immunity tests
  • Liver Health tests
  • Mens Health tests
  • Nutritional Health tests
  • Prostate Cancer tests
  • Sexual Health tests
  • Sports and Performance tests
  • Thyroid Health tests
  • Womens Health tests
Discounted Tests & Offers

View our range of discounted private blood tests and health checks all at low prices or view our top selling blood tests and health checks.

Don't want to go to a clinic? Too busy or not physically able?

We offer a home blood sample collection service in Solihull where we can send a nurse to your home or place of work to take your private blood test sample.

Not sure which test you need?

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